Why You Should Consider Being an Escort

Why You Should Consider Being an Escort


Have you ever considered being an escort? Many ladies out there are hesitant to become one because of the misconception that escorts are prostitutes and they don’t want to be called that. Honestly, escorts are different from prostitutes. To start, escorting is legal because these ladies are paid for their services which don’t always involve sex but also companionship. Escorts are professionals who work independently or under an escort agency. You don’t see them on the streets soliciting sex. Finally, they’re well-educated with pleasing personalities that clients will be proud to have them around.

Interested? Here are five reasons that will convince you to start a career as an escort:

Easy to Apply

By the time you reach 18, you can immediately start being an escort. This is one of the main requirements the job calls for. You should also be physically attractive though many agencies don’t require applicants to have figures like runway models. After all, clients have different preferences when it comes to women. Also, you need to be comfortable with dating, socializing, and providing adult entertainment.

Work from Home

You can work as an incall or outcall escort. An outcall is someone who goes to the client’s flat or hotel or wherever they agreed to meet. On the other hand, an incall escort works from home. If you prefer being an incall, you can have clients come over to your place. It’s important that you have your own flat and make sure it’s neat, clean, and comfortable. It should be easy to locate and must be in a safe neighborhood, too.

You don’t need to leave the house at all when transacting with a client. You can talk via phone or email. Many escorts don’t meet with their client in person to discuss the services they want.

Negotiable Rates

It’s up to you how much you want to charge per hour. The rates may vary depending on the kind of service and the duration. There are escorts who are available for as short as 30 minutes while some can spend days with a client and even accompany him abroad as long as the price is right. If you’re just starting, check out how much regular escorts are charging for their services so you can have a basis. Who knows? You’ll become one of the elite and most sought-after Wolverhampton escorts in the future and charge more than average.

Numerous Perks

Aside from setting your own rates, there are lots of perks that go with your job as an escort. For example, you get to meet all kinds of clients. It’s a great way to gain experience in the industry because you’ll learn how to deal with different people. Another is that you can travel. There are clients who’ll hire you to accompany them to out of town trips or abroad. It’s like working with pleasure and it’s all free. Sometimes, you’ll meet clients who will give you a handsome tip for your services. It could be in the form of cash, flowers, chocolates, or expensive perfume.

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